From Just a Hobby To a Greener Future With E-Boards

Nowadays "Going Green" is all the hype, And a lot of younger people are adopting it. Transportation is one of the main factors in adopting the green lifestyle, And Electric Skateboards or E-Boards for short is one of them. We had the chance to interview one of our riders from Indonesia for a brief Q&A session on his take on living green and how using our E-Board has benefited him.

Q: What do you think about the state of using Electric Vehicles for daily commutes in Indonesia?

A: I think the state of electric vehicles in Indonesia is steadily growing. And not only in Jakarta But also outside of Jakarta people are more acceptable into using electric vehicles for daily commutes or even making it into their only means of transportation. Of course, it started from just a hobby, But it quickly grows into this movement for global warming. We have to nurture this hobby and spread this as one of viable means to prevent global warming.

Q: How do you feel riding the EVRY Trek?

A: I used to ride an E-board with a hub and street wheel configuration. It had a flexible deck and overall the riding experience was enjoyable. But then why I tried riding with the EVRY Trek the feeling went up a notch. It's AT Wheel turns out to be the more comfortable option to traversing uneven surfaces and going off-road. Makes the experience more enjoyable and comfortable and it lets me enjoy the scenery more while riding, Not having to always adjust how you ride to avoid pebbles, potholes and such. Also, its break speed also is a delight to use, it lets you break faster adding more to your safety when riding.

Check out the video to see how Shakhih rides his EVRY Trek E-Board. Shred on!


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