Terms of Service and Safety Warnings

Please read ALL of the information below before using the website and riding your board.

Before riding your board:

  1. ALWAYS wear a helmet and other safety equipment when you are riding your board.
  2. ALWAYS check and recheck and tighten your board for loose trucks, bolts, kingpin and other components before riding.
  3. BE ALERT because your board can lose brakes and power during your ride due to low battery on the board or remote. If this happens, it is best to ride your board at speeds that you are comfortable without power or brakes.
  4. ALWAYS obey and check the local road rules in your area for where you can ride. DO NOT ride on busy roads and highways.
  5. BE CAREFUL as riding in the fastest speed modes can be very dangerous if you are a beginner and new rider. Be sure to ease in the brakes and always brake gently as the trigger is very sensitive in this mode and can toss you of the board if you are not careful.
  6. DO NOT ride the board if you are under the influence of drugs and alcohol.
  7. DO NOT ride the board in wet or rainy conditions. As the board will become very slippery and slide under your feet and cause injury. Riding on wet and rainy conditions may also ruin your board as water will get inside the battery and electronics causing the board to malfunction.
  8. ALWAYS respect pedestrians. Ride in the bicycle lane if available and avoid pedestrian crossings.
  9. ALWAYS maintain your board, this is the owner's responsibility to ensure a long lasting life of the board. Tighten your trucks, bolts, and screws every once a week. 
  10. DO NOT bring your battery into the airplane if its empty. Ensure that it is charged to the fullest and use a lipo bag when transporting the battery without the board.
  11. DO NOT Charge your board with any other chargers aside from the one included in the packaging of our Skateboards. Any damages caused by the use of third party chargers will not be covered by our warranty.


  1. Avoid Water - Riding in wet conditions is very dangerous and may cause injury to the rider. Your board is not waterproof, The electronic and mechanical components are subject to damage due to water. Damages as a result of moisture exposure are not considered as a manufacturing defect and will not be covered by warranty.
  2. Love your board - Do not jump off the board, Ride of gutters and curbs, Smash the board into hard objects, Or drop the board on the ground into starting position. Although the product has been made to endure and handle rigorous riding, Its still an electrical product and need to be handled with care, respect, and love. Our warranty does not cover significant impacts or damage resulting from any of the above.
  3. Be Safe - Whenever you ride your EVRY Electric Skateboard, you risk serious injury or even death from loss of control, collisions, and falls. To ride safely, you must read ALL instructions and safety messages and warnings in the manual. And always wear your helmet!
  4. Know your limit - Avoid riding on hills and riding on the fastest speed mode if you are not comfortable with your board. Everything needs practice, get to know your board and practice riding on smooth surfaces and Slow and Medium speeds before throttling up and owning that hill.


Email us at support@evryskateboards.com for further assistance